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About Us

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Inez celebrates the turmoil within and the calm outside. The brainchild of Bhavya Bubber, Inez is everything bold and vintage handcrafted in the contemporary panorama, unearthing gems for the unfiltered spirit within you. Having been in the silver jewellery industry for about 35 years now in Jaipur, a province of Rajasthan, Bhavya owes her jewellery instinct to her father, Mr Rakesh Bubber, who has been running the brick and mortar, Bubber’s Beauty Palace till the hour. Bhavya draws inspiration from the art and culture of Rajasthan and everything around her that is minimal yet bold. The brand, hence, symbolizes the realm of minimalism through primitive bits and folk culture. Earthen shades, grandma’s fables, tribal pursuits, and the reek of heirloom trunks are the sentiments that have stayed with us throughout our journey. And hence, the brand focuses on redefining the age-old with minimalist traces. And as we speak, Inez illustrates a language that is not only edgy but one of its kind.


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