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Coming from the era of fast fashion, we make heirloom
jewellery. We are proudly made in India: our design, our pieces and our
inspiration. Something lost, something found, something old and
something new. We birth our one of a kind vintage 925 sterling silver
pieces to reminisce the past and to celebrate the new.



Yet again, here we are exploring our left brain and got into the space of precious stones (colours get us too excited). Every piece is well thought upon and created keeping in mind the versatility of the design. Well, just to remind you all again, our stones are handpicked and hand cut as that is something we don’t take a chance with. For every piece you buy, you become a part of the feeling that a karigar goes through while bringing our designs to life.

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The Intune

One of a Kind Vintage 925 Sterling Silver

If you are looking for something special, you won't find it anywhere else. Inez Jewles is the one of a kind handmade jewellery company that creates beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewellery. We believe in timeless beauty and quality, which is why we make our pieces to be heirloom.

VINTAGE 925 STERLING SILVER - Reliable and Trustworthy Customer Service

Inez Jewels has been making jewellery using premium 925 sterling silver. We have a proven track record in making luxury affordable and your satisfaction is our top priority.

VINTAGE 925 STERLING SILVER - Reliable and Trustworthy Customer Service

Statement jewelry is what every heart desires. It's not as attached to gender stereotypes. Today, you can have a lot of different materials for men. They are changing their trends in the jewelry business and silver is the new gemstone. Our collection of sterling silver jewelry is glamorous and available at a good price. Keep your necklines polished and your looks rad with our value-driven styles.

We have included a wide selection of customizable pieces like bracelets, rings, earrings, chakra jewelry and statement accessories. You'll find something for every jewelry lover! We are committed to making sure each piece of jewelry is just as perfect as you are. There is a wide variety of gemstones available and we use modern technology to ensure that your piece looks just as great. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a wide range of delicious choices both in our location and in the types of food we offer. We value customer satisfaction and remain committed to maintaining high quality standards for everything we provide.

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